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iTech products utilize the latest technology available for hair care appliances:

Ceramic Heaters
Unlike other products in the market today which use PTC (Positive Temperature Co-efficient) heaters, ceramic heaters offer faster heat up, greater temperature uniformity, faster recovery rates, and faster cool-down time. iTech products are guaranteed to give constant and true heat temperature, allowing for faster and more efficient styling.

Ceramic Plates
The 100% ceramic plates help seal the hair’s cuticle, further reducing frizz and helping to retain hair moisture and color.

Magnet Therapy
All iTech Brushes come with a magnet on the handle to act as magnet therapy to help ease pain on wrist joints. Magnet therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

Negative Ion Emissions
Negative ions give your hair a smooth, silky look and feel because they neutralize the positive ions of the hair. Positive ions create dull, frizzy and dehydrated hair.

Tourmaline emits high negative ionic activity and provides far-infrared heat (an efficient deep-penetrating heat). Far-infrared heat dries hair from the cortex out.